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        25 fabulous Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas Australia – thorplc.com

        Small Backyard Landscaping IDEAS Australia

        Modern Landscaping / July 18, 2016


        Australians are blessed with the climate for outdoor living, and in recent years the average Australian consumer has made a quantum leap in what they expect from their outdoor living spaces.

        The outdoor room is now a lifestyle arena, equipped with kitchen facilities for entertaining, pools and play spaces for children, and peaceful corners in which to escape. Backyard & Garden Design Ideas is a new magazine concept which delivers value to consumers who are about to embark on a major backyard makeover.

        Frequency: Bi-monthly

        Target Audience: Consumers who are about to embark on a major backyard makeover.

        Content: Backyard and Garden Design Ideas covers a wide range of topics including:

        • Planning a Garden
        • Makeover Ideas
        • Design Advice
        • Water Wise Gardening
        • Outdoor Lighting
        • Pool Design
        • Outdoor Furniture
        • Garden Art
        • Shade Solutions
        • Paving Options

        Backyard & Garden Design Ideas is about soft and hard landscaping for customers who want to create a haven in their own backyards. We look at the entire garden space from layout and design to suitable furniture, plants and maintenance.

        Source: www.universalmagazines.com.au