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        Design-Build - Part 68

        Outdoor Seating Ideas Landscaping

        Ideas / July 23, 2018

        For her own front yard, designer Margie Grace of Grace Design Associates Inc. matched the hardscape to her home's architectural syle for a cozy cottage garden. To keep the yard low maintenance she laid a large patio using Arizona flagstones, then filled the rest of the space with lush flower beds. A reclaimed concrete bowl is transformed into a water feature that brings the sound of rain to the garden.

        Use Your Imagination

        An outdoor getaway is the perfect place to flex your creativity. Designer Matt Partridge of Juergen Partridge Limited suggests thinking of a place that inspires you — maybe a luxury resort you stayed at on your honeymoon or even just a photo you saw online or in a magazine — decide which elements you like best and incorporate those into your design. For this backyard, Patridge designed it to resemble a Caribbean resort. Separate destinations, from the pavilions to the pool, provide many features for the family to enjoy.

        Add Ambience

        A fireplace takes an outdoor living space from typical to luxurious. It's the perfect gathering spot for adults and kids, whether they're cozying up on a cool evening or roasting marshmallows. Designer Heather Lashbrook Jones of a Blade of Grass Landscape Design uses American and Corinthian granite to create this custom fireplace.

        Create Go-To Destinations

        Designed by Scott Cohen of The Green Scene this backyard has an oasis-like feel. Located below the infinity edge pool is a lounge-like seating area, which can only be reached by walking over the concrete stepping pads. Water spills over the stacked stone wall creating the sound of rain sticks.

        Leisurely Walk Through

        This sunken garden is designed in a formal style with stucco perimeter walls in quadrants. Because the garden's grade drops three steps, proper drainage is a must. Designer Margie Grace of Grace Design Associates Inc. added a runnel down the stairs leading to a one-of-a-kind water feature she created from a big copper syrup kettle. "In every space, add something to make people want to linger, " recommends Grace.

        Work With the Natural Setting

        Make the most of your outdoor space by working with the surroundings. The lines of this garden and structures are geometric closer to the house and become wavy and organic as the cultivated areas blend into the natural forest. Design by Juergen Partridge Limited

        Don't Compete With Surroundings

        Arches covered in creeping fig vines lead to the back entry of this elegant home. A neutral stone patio provides timeless flooring without distracting from the beautiful architectural details of the walkway. Design by Thompson Custom Homes

        Have Some Fun

        Stone crowns atop columns lead the way to a giant chess board made of prefab 2x2 concrete squares with exposed pebbles. Taking inspiration from Alice in Wonderland, designer Margie Grace of Grace Design Associates. Inc., has red roses on one side and white roses on the other. Fourth of July roses, which are speckled and look like they're being painted for the Queen, are in pots behind the benches. "If it's your fantasy, just go there, " says Grace. "Don't do it by halves."

        Source: www.hgtv.com