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        Desert Landscape Ideas for Front Yard : Hillside Landscape Ideas

        Desert Landscape Ideas for Front Yard

        Front Yard / July 28, 2017

        Eager to start their lawn makeover, Morgan and Mindi strike a pose with host Jason Cameron.

        Before: Weedy Lawn

        This bare yard is begging for a little TLC. The weedy yard lacks color and texture and offers only one small tree in the way of landscaping.

        After: Bold and Bright

        Lush plants and a charming gravel parking lot bring interest and drama to the once basic home.

        Meet Sidney Davis

        Jason and Sidney teamed up to redo Sidney's small, mint green home as a part of Rebuilding Together New Orleans.

        Before: Cookie Cutter

        Sidney knew a thing or two about hard work and was eager to help with his landscape transformation.

        After: Personal and Stylish

        A salmon-pink home sets Sydney apart from his neighbors, while pretty and practical trees provide a bit of privacy.

        Meet Mike and Claudia Ratterman

        Mike and Claudia were a cute couple living in a cute home. The only problem? Their landscaping could use a spruce.

        Before: Totally Dull

        Known for its elegant style and ornamental facade, this attractive Tudor home lacks the same detailed look in its landscaping.

        After: Cheery Surprise

        Now, structural plants and bright pops of yellow mimic the home's sharp lines and interesting details.

        Meet Marcy and Ryan Hessling

        For Marcy and Ryan, a boring home just wouldn't do, so they hoped to display their fun, carefree personalities through the landscape remodel.

        Before: Bare Bones

        Though it's obvious the house is stunning, it wasn't reaching its full potential with a drab paint job and no landscaping to speak of.

        After: Colorful Showstopper

        A gorgeous iron gate, blue stone walkway and patio, bright hues on the home and colorful details all around gave this home a bright, spirited renewal.

        Before: Rocky Start

        A yard entirely of rocks proved to be a big job for Jason Cameron as he worked to improve this unique landscape.

        After: Artfully Artificial

        To conserve water in this Las Vegas lawn, an artificial lawn was installed along with desert-hardy plants.

        Meet Kathy and Billy Baruth

        Billy and his wife Kathy, a popular morning show DJ in Chicago, were surrounded by beautiful houses with perfectly manicured lawns. Theirs stuck out like a sore thumb.

        Before: Awkward and Unruly

        Wild weeds and a hidden front door made this lawn look unkempt and forgotten, the perfect candidate for a total front yard renovation.

        After: Polished Plantings

        After cutting down a large diseased tree, several other small trees were placed around the home's perimeter.

        Before: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

        A front door that can't be seen from the road wasn't given much attention before the makeover.

        After: Custom Retreat

        The new front door area features a cedar bridge and a custom slate waterfall fountain. A pair of rustic railroad ties pulls the look together.

        Before: Small but Sweet

        In a neighborhood where only 25 feet separates your door from your neighbor's door, space is at a premium.

        After: Neighborhood Knock-Out

        Despite the close quarters, Jason Cameron is able to give this sweet home major curb appeal, complete with a newly painted door, fresh plants, new stairs and even a new paver walkway.

        Meet Jeff and Robin Ankeny

        Jeff, a wine broker, along with his wife Robin, a cake ball baker, are ready to turn their mid-century modern home into the showstopper they know it can be.

        Before: Enter if You Dare

        This Dallas home looks more like a fortress than a house with the huge brick wall surrounding the entrance.

        After: Warm Welcome

        With the brick wall removed and a spacious deck added, the homeowners are ready to throw a party. A cheery yellow door, funky outdoor art and a great place to sit and relax make this house the perfect place to entertain.

        Meet Bethany and Michael Davidson

        It looks like Jason's landscaping plans are more than Bethany and Michael expected for their Cincinnati home.

        Before: A Blank Slate

        Before the makeover, this home lacked the cozy, cottage feel so prominent in Tudor-style homes.

        After: Country Cottage Style

        A new iron railing and colorful door give this Tudor home a soft, welcoming look. A group of shrubs and flowers in various sizes add interest to the home's main entrance.

        Meet Jason and Jennifer Hargis

        Artist Jason and his wife Jennifer have a home full of beautiful art, but the outside of their house was in need of a touch up.

        Before: Boring in Beige

        For being the home of an artist, this house was definitely lacking personal flair.

        After: Paint and Planters

        A fresh coat of paint and stainless steel planters give the home a cozier, lived-in look that is a major improvement from the lifeless before.

        Meet Jackie Witt and David Scarano

        All bets are off when two professional poker players join forces with Jason to give their Spanish Tudor home a much-needed makeover.

        Before: Desolate Desert

        This dreary before was so bad, it's no wonder the neighbors called in for landscape help!

        After: A Neighborhood Favorite

        No longer the neighborhood eyesore, this remade lawn boasts palm trees, a lush green lawn and even a new garage door.

        Meet Emma and Trask McFarland

        For Emma and Trask, who live on a farm, hard work outdoors is an everyday occurence.

        Before: Just the Basics

        Affectionately called "The Big Black Box, " this mini farm house is already swimming in personality. Unfortunately, the surrounding landscape could use a lot of work.

        After: Home Sweet Home

        No longer just a building sitting on the farm, a pretty new walkway and trees that frame the house finally make this micro home look like it belongs.

        Meet Edward Wilkerson

        It looks like homeowner Edward Wilkerson is ready to get to work on this one-day landscape makeover.

        Before: Nothing There

        This Chicago home was just begging for a little landscape love with its bare yard and lack of color.

        After: Like a Brand-New Home

        In only one day, the Desperate Landscapes crew turned this basic arts and crafts style house into a fun, vibrant home, complete with a new gate and beautiful wooden porch.

        Before: America's Most Desperate Landscape

        And the 2013 winner for America's Most Desperate Landscape goes to...this sad, boring front yard full of wasted potential.

        After: From Desperate to Dazzling

        The new landscape features a paved driveway, a quaint walkway, impressive plantings and a cool planter wall made of boulders.

        Meet Daniella and Peter Vaclavik

        After paying for an expensive surgery for their dog, Daniella and Peter didn't have much money left to get professional help for their landscaping. That's where Jason and his crew came in.

        Before: A Postponed Project

        Before the landscaping overhaul, the view from outside the home showcased sparse plants, plenty of weeds and a house in need of a new paint job.

        After: Unique Flair

        The fabulous new yard features a new walkway and patio, a one-of-a-kind wall mural and grass that works well in the intense Miami heat.

        Meet Catherine and Kyle Reynolds

        These newlyweds are eager to transform their yard from an ugly before to an enchanting happily ever after.

        Before: Where's the Sidewalk?

        Weeds and dead plants take up the entire hill in front of the Reynold's home, and the sidewalk is no where to be seen.

        After: A Step Up

        New steps make it so much easier to access the home, while a retaining wall and plenty of gorgeous new plants make the most of the hilly terrain.

        Meet Riley and Carmen Ralmuto

        These young newlyweds are hoping for a front porch as hip as they are, and Jason knows just how to make it happen.

        Before: Feeling Blue

        Dark and cluttered, this dreary entrance didn't reflect the fun, lively personalities of the young homeowners.

        After: Young Love

        A lighter and brighter paint job transformed the old blue entrance, while a pretty new porch rail and a yard full of succulents give the home a much more inviting look.

        Source: www.diynetwork.com