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        Porch designs for small houses, backyard entertaining landscape

        Backyard Entertaining Landscape Ideas

        Backyard / September 9, 2017

        Currently, this empty side yard has no real purpose. The long, narrow layout has made it an awkward and difficult place to build or add something new, so the homeowners have left it vacant.

        After: Family Entertainment

        The unused side yard is given a new lease on life with the addition of a backyard bocce ball court ideal for year-round entertainment. The unfortunate vegetable garden was hidden by a stone patio and cozy outdoor sofa, and the space was completed with fresh landscaping and blooming flowers.

        Before: Dead Vegetable Garden

        A once thriving vegetable garden was sadly neglected and received too much shade from a towering tree. The result? A dead patch of lawn that has turned into the yard's biggest eyesore.

        After: Fresh Plants

        The new landscaping and chic stone pavers make the area feel more like an outdoor oasis and less like a simple backyard. Outdoor landscape lighting adds to the ambiance of the space, especially during warm summer nights.

        Source: www.diynetwork.com